Solo Moderna – Cumbia Schleng Teng Fyah! (7″ Vinyl)

Cumbia chiptune heads get ready! Solo Moderna is coming strong and mad! Too long overlooked, multi instrumentalist Dutch producer, master of broken-sounding toys and possessed electronic puppets is bringing you this exclusive dancehall anthem banger on 7"; a digital...

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Colombian Music PowerHouses Vol. 2

ENGLISH (Español abajo) From the Afro-Indigenous rhythms of Bullerengue and Cumbia, to Currulao and Bunde on the Pacific Coast, Calypso on the Caribbean islands, Bambuco and Joropo in the plains, to countless "modern" versions of all these traditional folk music...

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The Busy Twist

  From St Lucia to Jamaica to Ghana to Colombia, London born duo The Busy Twist have travelled the globe to create their dance floor killing productions. Their debut EP 'Friday Night' combines these cultures, respectfully crossing sound boundaries and joining the...

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The Beachers – Cincuenta (Special vinyl edition)

          Founded in 1966, the legendary Calypso group The Beachers have released 13 albums and more than 30 singles to their name, on prestigious Panamanian record labels such as Tamayo, Loyola, or Sally Ruth Records, teaming up with other...

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Repress alert! – Systema Solar

In-demand second album from Colombian masters Systema Solar, La Revancha Del Burro, is back on track with a limited repress. Don’t sleep! The original deluxe gatefold double LP from the kings of “Berbenautika” is out again

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SUPERSAN is the brainchild of Panama Cardoon and Mister Kentro. The dedicated party starters of the greek nightlife came up with this genre bending project and ever since they performed in festivals and venues in Europe, Africa and Asia, had their music featured in documentaries and…

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Pernett (feat Quantic)

  Barranquilla born multi-instrumentalist Pernett is undoubtedly a true pioneer in fusing Colombian folklore with electronic elements. Back in 2003, when he released his first album "Música Para Pick Up", Humberto was immediately seen as genius by some, crazy and...

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The Beachers

  Here at Galletas Calientes Records, in collaboration Folk Lab Music Inc, supported by the INAC (National Institute of Culture) of Panama, we have decided to release a special vinyl edition of "Cincuenta", to celebrate The Beachers 50th...

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  Manati is a changeable being with a mind of his own, constantly exploring frontiers between genres. An effortless combination of Funk, Cumbia, jazz, Salsa, Balearic, Disco and Afro Beat is serving mind-expanding melodies to produce a strong and...

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Candeleros – La Cumbia Del Chinche

All living in Madrid,Spain, William, Fernando, Urko, Sergio, Alex and Andrés, come from different regions of Colombia and Venezuela. Their passion for endless musical improvisation, always crossing

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