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His first EP “1997” was self produced in 2020.

From his remixes, which have been released in several record labels from around the world, we can mention:
Gbadolite – Pierre Kwenders/Uproot Andy, Moonshine Records, Canada 2020
Lord Randall – Necronomicon on Testlab, Holland 2021
Uwa Amalugom – Oliver Nayoka, Palenque Records, Colombia 2022
Surto De Amor ft. Felipe Cordeiro Man Recordings, Man Recordings, Germany 2023

Galletas Calientes is proud to release his first solo project on vinyl: a collection of 5 upbeat tunes for the floor,  blending Congolese soukous, Colombian Bullerengue, Nigerian highlife, Caribbean soca, and House; with a uniquely distinctive progressive and psychedelic touch.

“Caribe” is our Colombian Singles Series Vol. 3

colombian nsingles series col. 3

ARN4L2 (pronouced arn-al-dos) aka Arnaldo Berdugo is a producer and DJ from Cartagena, Colombia. He grew up surrounded by music, namely the vinyl treasures that his grandfather accumulated as director of a local radio station in San Estanislao de Kotska Bolívar, a Colombian Caribbean
town with a large Afro-descendant population.

In his productions, ARN4L2 combines Colombian sonic traditions such as bullerengue, chalupa, and tambora with electronic elements such as synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, resulting in a unique sound that reflects his own, strongly African-influenced Caribbean vision.


Released on Galletas Calientes Records:

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