About Galletas Calientes !

Artwork by URM LE FOU


“Freshly baked party music and modern folklore”. Electro, tropical, breakbeat, balkan, klezmer and more..

“Galletas Calientes” is the Spanish for “Hot Cookies”. Delicious tunes you’ll eagerly pull out from the shelf  like you would with recently baked cookies from the oven, and make them spin on your turntable like homemade crepes on a plate.

The history of Galletas Calientes Records is one of constant evolution of all kinds of music to dance to.

Run by Mathias “DJ Galletas Calientes” Lederer from Medellin, Colombia, the label was conceived of in France, back in 2004, by Federico “Krak In Dub” Trujillo and Mathias. Both were part of the early underground free rave party movement in France in the 90’s, which provided an amazing way to express themselves and to disseminate their love for different dance music genres as widely as possible.

The Galletas Calientes Records label was initially created to release its owners’ music, exclusively on vinyl. Their dynamic mixture of techno, breakbeat, reggae, house and hip hop had a tremendous impact on the early 21st century’s dance floors. At that time they were composing, producing, mixing and mastering the music themselves, on a vintage Neumann vinyl press, at the Dk Mastering studio in Paris. Later, they invited friends from the French underground techno scene to join them in production, and started having the mastering work done by other engineers in the UK.

The amigos’project of a two-man live band creating a fusion of Latin music and French songs led them to travel to South America. At that point, the label’s artistic path took an unexpected turn. Mathias settled in Colombia and embarked on an intense and passionate exploration of modern and past Colombian folklore. This led him to meet and collaborate with famous – or infamous – bands, releasing their own original songs on special vinyl editions, sometimes along with other remixes “adapted” for the clubs’ dance floors. Later, when the worldwide global beats scene emerged, Mathias was captivated by these original and endlessly creative fusions of modern and traditional music. The “new Colombian scene,” that cleverly and skilfully adapted the richness of its folklore with all types of other genres, seemed to embody the new concept the label was embracing, and to define the vision of a label oriented toward the future.

Galletas Calientes Records has a family “human relations”- inspired approach to music. Partying, or at least having a drink with all the individuals involved in the various projects, is one of the rules. We promote groovy tunes to dance to, whose genres shift as its owner’s musical taste, and the people he meets, evolve – so it is in constant evolution. It has a local approach, along with a global vision of the music, leading to limitless fusion and creativity.

The label’s strong graphic identity originated in Europe’s rave party culture of the 90’s, in which visual art is as important as music, and the viewer is immersed in a whole world of sounds and colors. Most of its artwork is done by URM LE FOU, who has created numerous mural paintings in France. Also check out PAINTHOUSE PROJECT, an awesome visual artists collective we make videos with.

Prepare to dance to these “Hot Cookies” and to listen to some talented artists you may never have heard of, whose original fusions of styles recognize no restriction of genres.

Galletas Calientes promotes the local Colombian scene and seeks innovative musical fusions, the power of the machine, the organic groove of the instruments…


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