With an impressive amount of talented vocal and instrumental collaborations from literally all over the world, France-based Venezuelan producer Carlos “Caribombo” Guillen 2nd album “Camaleon” is a vibrant homage to the ethnic peoples of planet Earth. Caribombo’s mythical “Camaleon” brilliantly mixes and matches elements of Sega, Baile Funk, Cumbia, Afro-House, or Deep-House, altogether with heavy bass music.

Indeed, Carlos’ highly skilled production technique serves a tremendous diversity of influences from the UK to the Congo, from Togo to Mauritius, from Brazil to Chile and Venezuela. A deep, powerful and highly danceable opus fit for the club, the beach cabaña, and your living room as well.

Accordingly, this album ranges from the Baile Funk vibes of “Cosa Buena” and the Latin Andean cut of “Sharango”, to the deep Sega featuring Mauritian singer Menwar, via doses of uptempo Afro-Latin house production aesthetics on “Moral Zero” or “Pacifico”, and the definitely post-pop anthem of “Warrior”.

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