Born of a Colombian father and a Venezuelan mother, Carlos “Caribombo” Guillen is a percussionist, DJ and producer hailing from Maracaibo, Venezuela. From the beginning of his carrier, Caribombo has been collaborating with many talented artists from all over the world. Mixing and matching South American and African rhythms, Caribombo creates a powerful and diverse sound universe where cumbia, dembow, afro-beat and afro-house effortlessly fit together. Adopting typical tight beats, basses and synths from the “Global Bass” electronic scene, Caribombo cleverly and respectfully revisits folkloric traditions from both continents with a highly-skilled production technique. Having recently moved to the more contrasted climate of the French countryside, Caribombo has adapted to his environment, just as the reptile would do. His album “Camaleon” (released 2020) is taking us to a musical journey from Africa to Patagonia, through the UK and Mauritius.

Accordingly involving singers from the Congo (Shak Shakembo), the Togo (Yao Bobby), Mauritius (Menwar), Venezuela (OCM), and the UK (Anglls), “Camalon” ranges from the Baile Funk vibes of “Cosa Buena” and the Latin Andean cut of “Sharango” (feat Rodrigo Gonzalez), to the deep Sega “Bin De Dam”, via doses of uptempo Afro-Latin house production aesthetics on “Moral Zero” or “Pacifico”, and the definitely post-pop anthem of “Warrior”.

Watch the video for “El Loco”, taken from the album “Camaleon”.

Watch a teaser vid for Caribombo’s show at the festival “Chauffeur Dans La Noirceur” (France), back in 2017

Out on Galletas Calientes Records:

Running Away - New release on Galletas Calientes Records

Follow Caribombo on the web:

Caribombo live set up

Listen to “Bin De Dam” feat Mauritian singer and percussionist Menwar:

Listen to “Friolento” feat Congolese singer Shak Shakembo, premiered for Sweet Musique France:

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