Here at Galletas Calientes Records, in collaboration Folk Lab Music Inc, supported by the INAC (National Institute of Culture) of Panama, we have decided to release a special vinyl edition of “Cincuenta”, to celebrate The Beachers 50th anniversary, 
The vinyl edition includes a download code for high quality WAV / MP3 of the album, and a 30×30 cm insert with high quality pictures of the band and of most of their previously released albums on vinyl. 

Founded in 1966, The Beachers is a group whose music is inspired by Caribbean rhythms and Panama’s musical tradition. Calypso, salsa and bolero are part of the unique Beachers sound, whose popularity peaked in the 70s during what is known as “The Golden Era of National Combos”. The Beachers have released 13 albums and more than 30 singles to their name, on prestigious Panamean record labels like Tamayo, Loyola, or Sally Ruth Records, teaming up with other Calypso legends such as Lord Cobra. 
The Beachers are still current and relevant, with five of the original members performing constantly through Panama and the world. Their energy and spirit is felt in the joy, rhythm and flavor of their songs. 
Lloyd Gallimore, the band’s musical director since its foundation, and renowned producer Billy Herron have been working together on this new album, commemorating the group’s 50-year career. 
This recording relives The Beachers’s magical trajectory and features collaborations with popular Panamanian musicians, a work that displays a sonic landscape filled with the history and legacy of Panama’s Calypso. It’s a tropical musical fantasy whose Caribbean influence has transcended time.

Watch a brief summary of their recent tour in Spain

Watch The Beachers performing “Mama Lele”, live at Teatro Amador, Panama City 2017

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Lloyd Gallimore: Keyboards and musical direction.

Feliciano “Larry” Earlington: Congas.

Ernesto Belgrave: Drums and Timbales.

Carlos “Yayo” Hernandez: Bass, vocals, background vocals.

Jermaine Vasquez: Vocals, background vocals.

Alberto “Salas” Salazar: Background vocals, cowbell

Marvin “Sam” Williams: Background vocals, guiro.

Hiram Arjona: Alto saxophone

Roger Orcasitas: Tenor saxopohone

by Mateo Rivano
by Mateo Rivano
by Mateo Rivano
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