Citizen of the world of Spanish, French, Kabyle and Uruguayan origins, Rafael was born and raised between Paris and its suburbs. He embodies the interbreeding of the French metropolis and its cosmopolitan vision. Music lover since his childhood, he exhibited an early and intense interest in musical traditions from around the world, their characteristics and their universality. Curiosity and eclecticism are at the center of his music and artistic vision.

Linguistics lover and former music journalist, Rafael launched his project as a producer/composer/Dj in 2006, under the name of Rafiralfiro.

Later, in 2011, he made a fresh start on the Latin and tropical music scene and released his first album, «Currandero EP», under his real name. He quickly became one of the most promising artists on the new world music and Global Bass scene.

Rooted on every continent, Rafael Aragon transcends musical boundaries and creates a transnational fusion with a rich and creative Dub/Electronics production, a clever mixture of ritual trances, furious batucadas, luminous cumbias and dubstep explosions.


Released on Galletas Calientes Records:


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