On the flip, hailing from London, Haitian-English Kensaye (pronounced “Ken Sigh”) is the young producer you should have your eyes on when it comes to turning anything into an unconditional booty-shaker. His rework of “Flymenco” is the quintessence of the efficiency of Caribbean Islands dancehall beats.

Flymenco’s other interpretation is signed by Colombian-French producer Sunka, who knows how to make your mama move her behind. His Afro-Caribbean-House take on this one is particularly soaked in happy vibes and delicious sub frequencies. Watch out for your speakers!

As if there was anything yet to prove, we’ll wrap this one up with an outstanding remix of the Afro-Reggae banger “I don’t smoke” whose original classic version is celebrating not less than 20 years!

Andalusia, London, Paris, South-America and Africa in a tremendously tasty package, mixed and matched!

Unquestionably the funkiest French producers alive, Prosper and Stabfinger have released quite a number of groovy cuts on the most danceable breaks, beats and disco labels out there. Here on Colombian-French label Galletas Calientes Records, they serve up one of their tighter joints, inviting American female singer Awoke for a Funky Flamenco party. Heavy slapping bass, infectious latin percussions, Iberian claps and guitars and up-tempo hip hop beats brought together for some absolute sun-kissed goodness.

Did Antonio Banderas go for a little trip to Funky Town?

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