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First single “C’est Vrai“, (released April 22, 2022), from their forthcoming album ‘Le Moustache Conspiracy’, is a banging Electro Afro Funk joint featuring Fou Malade and Niagass, two luminaries of the Senegalese Hip-Hop scene.

Over the bouncing beat and snarling horns, they juggle lyrics back and forth in Wolof (Senegal’s most widely spoken language), calling out those fake friends who smile in your face before stabbing you in the back.

May 13, 2022, a remix will follow, produced by dynamic Bass Music producers duo Tambour Battant, and a 7″ vinyl will be released, with both versions of C’est Vrai.

The featured artists in this sexy and spicy multicultural conspiracy include Senegalese Hip-Hop stars Fou Malade and Niagass, American rapper Awoke, Ghanaian Zongo Abongo, New Zealand rapper Imagine This, and the Italians Jonie D and Edo U. France also joins the fun with rapper Hippocampe Fou and soul man Ludwig Nestor. The album slinks out in style with the production touch of cratedigger Degiheugi.

March 2020: for Prosper, hyper active DJ-producer from France, the world must continue to spin and he makes a call for musicians via social networks to collaborate on a “World Electronics” oriented production.

Through mutual friends, he virtually meets Le Marabout (saxophonist, jack of all trades musician, and vintage records digger)

They match immediately and after a few quickly recorded songs, this is obvious : there is enough to make an album!

By digging deeper into the groove and enjoying the free time of their respective guests and collaborators, “Le Moustache Conspiracy” project was born, a playful and deeply joyous album pulling freely from the Afro, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, Oriental and Electro influences of the two artists. 

The album releases October 2022

Fou Malade & Niagass

Conceived as a modern tribute to Fela Kuti, Prince, De La Soul and Kool & The Gang, “Le Moustache Conspiracy” comes into its own as a solid original production, where club influences of the late 70s and early 80s fit perfectly into an unpretentious contemporary desire to dance without worrying about tomorrow.

The only conspiracy you need to worry about is the Moustache Conspiracy!

Stay tuned!

Released on Galletas Calientes Records:

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