Manati is a changeable being with a mind of his own, constantly exploring frontiers between genres. An effortless combination of Funk, Cumbia, jazz, Salsa, Balearic, Disco and Afro Beat is serving mind-expanding melodies to produce a strong and coherent entity.

Released on Galletas Calientes Records, Nauta EP is definitely an innovative approach to the subtle art of mixing organic and electronic elements, cleverly taking advantage of what each world has to offer and pushing boundaries to achieve a truly original fusion.

Born and raised in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Sergio Sabina has been producing, selecting, composing and remixing for more than 20 years under numerous aliases that reflect the diversity of his musical influences:
Inverso Lagarto – Electronic , Trip hop, Sofa Bangers. (1998-2009)
Momdobom – World Music, Rare Grooves & Globalgroove. (2008-2014)
Globass Unity Sound – Bass & ethnic Breaks, Tropical Deep, Nu Folk (2014-active)
Uma Bloom – Nu Fusion, Experimentation and autoevolution (2015- active)

Released on Galletas Calientes Records:

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by Mateo Rivano

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