Credited as “the inventors of gothic cumbia” by MTV Iggy, Bogotá’s LMNTKDM transcends the tropical clichés that characterize Colombia’s pop culture, and instead incites audiences to reflect upon the true essence of their country: a dark nation, but also a very “sabroso” one. By combining folk cumbia with elements of industrial violence, and champeta flavors with obscure electronica, the mysterious trio takes modern “bailadores” into a unique trip of ritual dance and phantasmagoric euphoria. Their show, an extravagant liturgy of heavy synths and skeletal choreographies, is both manifesto and tragicomedy. Self released in the dawn of 2012 and immediately acclaimed by the Latin alternative press, their debut gospel, Muerte y Sabrosura, took them to the LAMC as a part of their celebrated Yankee Tour 2013. Starting in 2014, LMNTKDM traveled to México to play in the renowned Nrmal Festival in DF and Monterrey, becoming one of the top revelations of the event by staging a powerful show that delivered a powerful message to the churchgoers: “To dance, is to resist!” LMNTKDM has played alongside Fuete Billete (PR), Meridian Brothers (COL), Astro (CHI) and Dick El Demasiado (HOL).


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