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La Makina Del Karibe was created in Bogotá when Richard Arnedo, born in Turbaco (Bolívar, Colombia) but settled in the capitaland looking for opportunities in music, decided to develop the traditional champeta project of «Maki Africa» , which he launched with his brother, Stevenson (music producer and musician) in Cartagena.

La Makina Del Karibe embodies the wide variety of Richie’s musical culture:  African music, folk rhythms of the Atlantic coast, Dominican and Antillean rhythms are the main ingredients. His collaboration with bands like Curupira, La Mojarra Eléctrica or Chocquibtown also helped him create his own musical personality. Later, guitarist Fabian Morales and his peculiar Soukous touch, his passion for American grunge, Parliament Funkadelic, and the psychedelic universe of the 1970s would help to shape La Makina’s musical concept.

La Makina Del Karibe was soon to become one of the headlining bands of the “new Colombian music” scene. In 2009, Arnedo and Morales produced a first EP called “RADIO GOZAMBIKE: Supersencillito y Cariñoso Vol 1.” It received great reviews from the Colombian press. In 2012, they released their first album, “14 Chankletazos Terapéuticos,” charted in the top ten of the year.


Released on Galletas Calientes Records:








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