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Cero39 is a musical-visual collective that brings together different vibes from different regions of Colombia, mixing coastal and inland musical influences into a juicy concoction. Formed in 2007 and based in Bogotá, Cero39 is lead by researcher and composer, traveler and jovial soul Mauricio Alvarez. After collecting music from all along the Magdalena River for more than a year, he ended his journey in Barranquilla, city of inspiration and the axis of Cero39’s beginnings. Mauricio, also known as Fredo, leads with Victor Carrascal and the programming Dario Sendoya AKA Kid Watusi.

Yet traditional Colombian melodies and instruments are only one side of the collective’s identity. Cero39 is well known on the dance floor as a futurist artist who is not afraid to take risks with his music by using advanced effects in unusual ways or mixing novel electronic tendencies with fun lyrics that reflect everyday reality in Colombia.

Cero39 is taking the lead as one of Colombia’s most interesting and avant-garde acts in a continental scene that has revolutionized cumbia by mixing traditional melodies and rhythms with contemporary ideas and tools.

Released on Galletas Calientes Records:


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