To throw a CANDELA is a popular expression for hosting an impromptu encounter revolving around tobacco, fire and music. CANDELA and fire are used as metaphors of passion, warmth and love, and this is what CANDELEROS transmit in their live performances, delivering their very own unique Afro-Caribbean vibes with a strong identity: folklore and psychedelia given a modern twist in a ritual of catchy drums, surf guitar riffs and South American percussions.
Infusing punk energy into their remarkable interpretation of traditions, the six-piece band embarks on a journey through the vibrant and immensely rich musical culture of the Caribbean, fusing merengue, champeta, salsa, and son, with bullerengue and cumbia; constantly reinventing themselves.

William, Fernando, Urko, Sergio, Alex and Andrés, come from different regions of Colombia and Venezuela. Their paths crossed in Madrid, Spain, where the Latin American family comes together through art and culture, gathering in diverse groups that focus on bringing their common cultural heritage to the world.

Their passion for endless musical improvisation, always crossing the thin line between genres, can be felt in the two tracks selected by Galletas Calientes Records to be released on a special 7″ vinyl edition.

With only three years of trajectory, Candeleros have already been performing in important festivals and events across Europe, such as Tropical Camp, elected as the cultural event number one in Spain by the magazine , Festival Guacamayo, urban and tropical event in Madrid with excellent reputation, at El Matadero in Madrid, Tierno Galván Park, in the popular festival of Lavapiés, La Latina, and other music venues such as Juglar, Caracol, Siroco, and several socio-cultural spaces in Spain and France, sharing stages with Chico Trujillo, Los Mirlos, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Chancha Via Circuito, Novalima, Alo, Wala, Nortek, Kumbia Queers, Cocotaxi, Tremenda Jauria, Caballito, Rolando Bruno, just to name a few.

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William Carreazo: percussions

Fernando Ochoa: guitar

Urko Larrañaga: bass

Sergio Graterol: timpani and electronic percussions

Andrés Ramírez: minor percussion and sampling

Alexander Jose Fernandez Benitez: keyboards

by Mateo Rivano

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