UK to GH – EP is a standoff between Zongo’s background in Dancehall, Reggae, and Highlife, and Burland’s influence of UK Bass & Rave music.

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Burland & Zongo Abongo present UK to GH!

Fusing Dancehall, Afrobeat and West African Percussion with the powerful elements of Techno, Garage and Bass music, British producer Burland’s previous work includes three EPs and a single with UK based Ghanaian talent K.O.G.

Born and raised in Ghana, vocalist Zongo Abongo’ s style originates from Highlife , Afrobeat and traditional West African music. He has worked with numerous artists from the ‘Global Club’ music scene such as The Busy Twist, Caribombo, Thornato, and Ghetto Kumbé.

Burland and Zongo Abongo were introduced to each other at Meet Me There festival in Ghana (2018), and have been working together ever since. This new project marks their third collaborative effort, and their very first vinyl release

Highly experimental in its nature, Telephone No Wire is a melancholic Highlife tune that sits over a janky 2-Step beat. It began as part of a project between Master Drummer Okoe Ashiboi and Burland, whereby a wide variety of UK Bass, Dancehall, and experimental beats were layered up with a plethora of West African percussion. The track took a different path when vocalist Adotey Johnson laid down the melancholic vocal hook; and steered even further from its club music origins, and into the softer hands of Highlife music when John Keneddy Ntumi ‘Long John’ (a player in Ebo Taylor’s band) added Horns & Keys to the song. The Lyrics are sung in Pidgin English and Twi, a language of the Ashanti people. The song speaks of people that gossip and wish for the downfall of others, spreading fake news and employing others to hate you. Regardless of what others do to stop your progress, you should not let their actions drag you into the mud.

Nyura is an Afro Club / Dancehall tune. Combined with heavy low end and hypnotic melodies, this track is a dancefloor winner, but also serves as a catchy bop to simmer down to. It is a song of love & desire sung in Twi (Ashanti) and Ghana’s Dagbani dialects.

Try To Test with its darker 2-Step beat, leans more towards UK Garage & Grime, whilst catchy vocal hooks meander seamlessly between Pidgin English and the Hausa language. Hints of Acid and Breakbeat sit amongst Djembes, Cowbells, and subtle Kalimba lines to form a balanced fusion between the softly textured African instruments, and the darker elements of UK Bass music. A simple meaning to the song is don’t stand in a far distance and assume what you don’t know. Get closer, see it, feel it, before coming to a conclusion.

Last Chance is a moody downtempo Breakbeat track, sharing similar qualities to Try To Test with hints of Acid & Rave.The track is nicely countered by Dancehall style vocals that bring life to the moody rolling breaks and gently lift the track leading into the drop.

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