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Tucuprá is a modern and respectful interpretation of the musical and cultural heritage of Latin America and the Caribbean. Traditional rhythms seasoned with contemporary sounds that transmit the heat, happiness and energy of the Caribbean region. An urban maelstrom above which rise the laments of the laboring Guajiros. Reggae is the spine of the project, its essence and soul as well as what shapes the project’s aesthetic. Around reggae, the musical treasures of diverse regions of Latin America merge and converge. In Tucuprá, the intensity of Cuban and Brazilian music dances with the subtleties of Colombian folklore.

Tucuprá was born from the hands and heart of Colombian percussionist Pablo Dominguez, with the help of the world-renowned Felipe Pipe Alzate. Together, the duet composed, recorded and produced the project’s first album: All Right.


Released on Galletas Calientes Records:







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