Galletas Calientes Records among “Colombia’s coolest independent record label”:

Translating as “Hot Cookies” – exactly what they aim to provide – Galletas Calientes Records was founded back in 2004 by Mathias “DJ Galletas Calientes” Lederer and Federico “Krak In Dub” Trujillo. They started the label originally to release their own music – a fusion of Latin rhythms and French songs – but after Mathias settled in Colombia and began exploring modern and traditional Colombian music, it took a different turn. Galletas Calientes have since released incredible music by Systema Solar, Carmelo Torres and Sunka, among others, and their innovative compilations – Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix Vol. 1 and Demencia Tropical: Alien Sounds from the Tropics – have marked them out as one of the most exciting independent record labels in the country.

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Ghetto Kumbé as one of  “The most exciting new bands in Bogotá, Colombia”:

A musical project once described as ‘a journey to the rhythmic Afro-Caribbean roots of Colombia fuelled by the hypnotic power of African house beats’ by Sounds and Colours, the members of Ghetto Kumbé fuse traditional Afro-Colombian percussion with intense electronic beats and samples. They have a particularly strong band aesthetic: neon tribal masks and outfits are a particular standout of their intense live show. Originally made up of three members – percussion wizard Chongo de Colombia, Edgardo Garcés, a.k.a. El Guajiro, and Andrés Mercado, a.k.a. Dr. Keyta – Chongo has since departed to pursue his other, equally wonderful, musical projects. However, if their recent single ‘Eso no me falla’ is anything to go by, their upcoming second EP, Soy Selva, will be an absolute stunner!

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