LLore EP, by Stabfinger & K.D.S is an uptempo release fit for the summer dance floors, with more latin and afro influences then their usual productions; the result of inspiring trips they recently made to Colombia and Argentina.

The hit song “Lloré” is a hypnotic and progressive house track composed with techno producer Audioflow from Killadisco. It contains deep and powerful voice samples from “Llore, llore” by Colombian bullerengue group Palmeras de Uraba, originally released by Konn Recordings.

“Lloré EP” shows the open minded way Stabfinger and KDS produce dance music, and their constant concern of transmitting positive emotions to the crowd. The children singing on “Iguazu”, the ancestral voices and sizzling percusions of “afrohouse”, the disco, funk, and fantastic energy of “Elastick”; all these elements come together for a good synthesis of Stabfinger and KDS great variety of musical backgrounds and influences.

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