“Carnival of clever madness!” Dutch producer, remixer and musician, Solo is based in Tilburg, Holland. His music isn’t about purity, but it is a folky style fusion of genres, produced with today’s technology in a range from Global Bass to Electro swing.

Solo has produced and remixed a lot of different tracks on different labels, and one of his latest EPs, SonidoPouble, got an amazing response. As the name suggests, it was made with old and damaged instruments that Solo gave a second life to! His music doesn’t sounds like anything else. He has a unique way of breathing life into the machines he tweaks as if they were creatures from another world playing with their own little toys – an imaginary circus where friendly freaks and alien performers come together.

Traveling around as a dj brought him to many different places, willing to connect his music to others’ and share his global madness!

Solo plays al sorts of instruments, including banjo, guitar, piano, and horns; and the way he blends these with analog synths, 8bit sounds and drum machines makes his way of composing and producing truly unique. His songs are of those you immediately notice who’s the man behind when listening to. 

On the right is part of his studio in Tilburg, Netherlands. Serious tweaking here, and an obvious taste for DIY analog gear.







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