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On  the flip; find a powerful Bass / Moombahton style remix produced by dynamic Bass Music producers duo Tambour Battant. 

Get your 7″ vinyl now, with both versions of C’est Vrai included.

Get ready for some frantic tropical dance!

“C’est Vrai“ is the first single from Prosper & Le Marabout album ‘Le Moustache Conspiracy’ (released October 2022); a banging Electro Afro Funk joint featuring Fou Malade and Niagass, two luminaries of the Senegalese Hip-Hop scene.

Over the bouncing beat and snarling horns, these two juggle lyrics back and forth in Wolof (Senegal’s most widely spoken language), calling out those fake friends who smile in your face before stabbing you in the back.


Tambour Battant
Fou Malade & Niagass

Worldwide vinyl distribution: [email protected]

C’est Vrai (Original mix)
C’est Vrai (Tambour Battant remix)
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