Los Brodubers is a two-brother project created in 2005 to experiment with the twists and turns of electronic music, and later involved DUB as a modern and avant-garde musical concept

Andres Jaramillo plays the bass and programs synthesizers and drum machines, while his brother, Juan, provides the organic percussion and drumgrooves. Andres is also known as the “Bass Trick Boy” when he plays as a dj or live electronics producer, while Juan’s talent on the drums has led him to play with important Colombian musical projects like Nawal, Pernett , El Reino Del Mar and others.

Their first EP was produced in 2008 on the renowned Colombian label Polen Records. They usually play live, all over Colombia, in important festivals and clubs, warming up the crowds with their unique mixture of sizzling synths and tremendously grooving percussions.


Released on Galletas Calientes Records:


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