France also joins the fun as rapper Hippocampe Fou and soul man Ludwig Nestor go back and forth on “C’est Moi” (a tongue-in-cheek brag track hyping Prosper) and “Dance On Excess”, which channels vintage purple Prince vibes. The album slinks out in style with the jazzy “Rainy Day”, haunted by the production touch of cratedigger Degiheugi.

Conceived as a modern tribute to Fela Kuti, Prince, De La Soul and Kool & The Gang, “Le Moustache Conspiracy” comes into its own as a solid original production, where club influences of the late 70s and early 80s fit perfectly into an unpretentious contemporary desire to dance without worrying about tomorrow.
The only conspiracy you need to worry about is the Moustache Conspiracy!

Born from a virtual encounter in lockdown between two Parisian neighbors, the DJ/producer Prosper and saxophonist Le Marabout, “Le Moustache Conspiracy” is a playful and deeply joyous album, pulling freely from the Afro, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, Oriental and Electro influences of the two artists.

The iconoclastic DJ Romain “Prosper” Coolen, fervent purveyor of no holds barred euphoria on the dance floor, and the versatile saxophonist, composer and jack-of-all-trades Johann “Le Marabout” Guihard offer us a lavish, eclectic, uninhibited, coherent and furiously groovy album!

The featured artists in this sexy and spicy multicultural conspiracy include two luminaries of Senegalese Hip-Hop, Fou Malade and Niagass (on “C’est Vrai” and “Cool Na”), American rapper Awoke with “Back On The Cliffs”, Ghanaian Zongo Abongo on the afro-funk track “Leaders of Tomorrow”, New Zealand rapper Imagine This on the irresistible “Sexy Girl”, and the Italians Jonie D and Edo U on the seductive Latin-zouk epic “Amore”.


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Imagine This
Fou Malade & Niagass
Hippocampe Fou

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Prosper & Le Marabout – Le Moustache Conspiracy [Full Album]
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