Gux Swadharma & La Candela Machine is a tropical electronics project from Bogotá, Colombia, mainly influenced by cumbia and champeta from the Caribbean coast. Their unique sound is a clever blend of digital, electronic and organic elements.

Gux began his musical studies in various academies and schools, such as the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, the Rock And Rap School, and the Luis A. Calvo Academy. Gux is also one of the creators of Latino Resiste and Subatomic Label, with which he produced and co-produced many artists.

In 2010 he released his first EP, and won national awards such as “Best producer in new technologies” and “artist with the most international projection,” obtaining a growing support from festivals, labels and independent media.

“La Candela Machine” is Gux’s latest project; a live band with Gux singing, playing the guitar and the bass, Jhongo playing percussion and Synaesthesia projecting videos, along with up to four guest singers.




Released on Galletas Calientes Records:


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