Ghetto Kumbé is a three man Afro-Colombian band fusing the Afro-Caribbean roots of Colombia with the hypnotic power of African house beats.

Having performed with Ondatrópica, Sidestepper, Toto la Momposina and La 33 among others, el Guajiro, Chongo, and Doctor Keyta are some of the popping Colombian scene’s most skilful musicians.

“Soy Selva” (translated as “I’m Jungle”), produced with London native producer The Busy Twist, is about the ancient people of Colombia, their traditions, their relations with mother nature, universal respect and ritual dancing. With the additional featuring of Ghanaian singer Zongo Abongo on “Dagbani Dance”, things have definitely come full circle for this new EP, involving three continents in this innovative musical adventure.


Feel the gaitas, marimbas, and percussions of the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, the enchanting voices and drums of Africa, and the powerful electronic beats from the UK bass music scene; a tremendously infectious dance machine, opening a new era to the Afro-Colombian fusion of styles.

“The explosive Afro-House trio Igniting Colombian dancefloors” – Remezcla

“Soy Selva presents an innovative and ceremonial exploration into ancient Colombian rituals and relationships with mother nature, in which the group continue their project to revive and transport traditional sounds and themes through their futuristic production” – Sounds and Colours

“A journey to the rhythmic Afro-Caribbean roots of Colombia fuelled by the hypnotic power of African house beats” – Sounds and Colours

“The members of Ghetto Kumbé fuse traditional Afro-Colombian percussion with intense electronic beats and samples. They have a particularly strong band aesthetic: neon tribal masks and outfits are a particular standout of their intense live show” –

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