gccabronrmx dj farrapo, carlo maver el cabrón & papacito remixes 1000px
gccabronrmx dj farrapo, carlo maver el cabrón & papacito remixes 1000px
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Italian Dj and producer Farrapo is undoubtably one of the leaders of the “Global Bass” movement. Since the 90’s, he’s been passionately merging Latin musical elements with urban dance floor genres such as Drum ‘N’ Bass and Broken Beat, to create music that everyone can feel connected to.
Gentle and fierce at the same time, “El Cabrón” is definitely one of his hit songs: a powerful Cumbia beat with uplifting Drum ‘N’ Bass breaks, produced and composed with the outstanding flutist and bandoneon player Carlo Maver. Usually drawing inspiration from his travel experiences, Carlo plays the Gaita (a traditional Colombian flute) on “El Cabrón”.

Dj Farrapo
Carlo Maver


Second single from the EP is a cinematic, post world music dancer, packed with mid tempo latin beats and enchanting female vocals. From South America to the Middle East, from the Balkans to the Iberian peninsula, the Italian producer and the outstanding flutist have shared their musical influences to bring you “Papacito”, another song all citizens of the world will feel connected to, from a Berlin club to a Caribbean beach cabaña.

Following up on the success of their collaborations on both “El Cabrón” and “Papacito” singles, Italian Globalbeats masters DJ Farrapo & Carlo Maver have called for four renowned international producers to go for their own takes on the original songs. Hailing respectively from Argentina, Venezuela, Italy and Brazil; Intiche, Caribombo, Morru and Dj Sonorus have all managed to retain the original vibes of “El Cabrón” and “Papacito”, each one with his own latin electronics background.

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El Cabrón (Official music video)
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