As if Weather Report and Frank Zappa had teamed up with Papa Wemba and Lucho Bermudez to create a more tropical version of rock and acid jazz, Colectro’s approach to these genres is absolutely unique.

Originally from Barranquilla, Gonzalo, Alberto, Alex, Donaldo, Moisés y Felipe arrived in Bogotá in 2003, with a clear objective: making music, generating emotions, and “sending some money back home,” if possible.


In Bogota, they lived together under one roof, constantly experimenting with different rhythms and sounds during pleasant evening gatherings. These musical rituals, endless jam sessions, were an opportunity for each of them to bring his own background and influences into something original and solid, with its own strong identity. Many genres were combined, from folk, bullerengue, soul, disco, reggae, champeta and Joeson, to the most contemporary jazz, into something completely new: a blend of Caribbean rhythms, rock and electronics they would later call “COLETERA” (from the term “Coleto” that means a cool and rebel guy from Colombia’s Caribbean coast).

Colectro is Colombia; Colectro is Palenque, rock, electronics, tradition, folklore and bullerengue.

Colectro is sea, earth and “sabor.”

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