Sunka – Colombian Party Remixes

With his album Colombian Party, released in 2017, Sunka succeeded where so many others had failed and united bass-heavy electronic music with south American influences. This eclectic selection of remixes from some of the finest Global Bass producers out...

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Plu Con Pla – No Mas Velorio

From Tumaco, Colombia, Plu Con Pla fuses traditional rhythms from the Pacific coast of Colombia such as Currulao and Bunde, with reggae, hip-hop, and subtle electronic beats. Plu Con Pla is an eleven piece band that brings together two distinct musical concepts,...

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Dragao – Camino EP

Afro-Colombian influenced dub technique Colombian Multi-instrumentalist Dragao is one of the most gifted musicians of his generation. After spreading his love for Dubstep, techno and UK breaks as a Dj in the underground electronic Bogota scene, Dragao formed Papaya...

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Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix Vol. 2

After the success of vol. 1, we are back on track with another "Palenque Records Afrocolombia Remix" series, inviting more talented producers from the worldwide "Global Bass" scene to revisit all time Afro-Colombian classic musical pieces. Palenque Records' original...

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Ghetto Kumbé – Soy Selva

Ghetto Kumbé is a three man Afro-Colombian band fusing the Afro-Caribbean roots of Colombia with the hypnotic power of African house beats. Having performed with Ondatrópica, Sidestepper, Toto la Momposina and La 33 among others, el Guajiro, Chongo, and Doctor Keyta...

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Stabfinger & K.D.S – Lloré EP

LLore EP, by Stabfinger & K.D.S is an uptempo release fit for the summer dance floors, with more latin and afro influences then their usual productions; the result of inspiring trips they recently made to Colombia and Argentina. The hit song “Lloré” is a hypnotic and...

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Sunka – Colombian Party

Sunka's electronic music producing skills are well known in France where he was playing is live set at an early age throughout techno and bass parties. in Colombia, where he's been living for 10 years, traditional and modern music got more and more influence on his...

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Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix Vol. 1

  Galletas Calientes Records proudly present their latest production: the “Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix" series. Since the mid 90's, Palenque Records have been actively promoting the Afro-Colombian music and culture. Palenque Records' original artists, such as...

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Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos.
Limited 7″ Vinyl

Our long awaited, limited 7" vinyl by Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos is finally out of the oven! It features two killer tunes written by colombian legends Andres Landero and Adolfo Pacheco. Landero's disciple Carmelo Torres, accordion virtuoso,  imposes his...

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